Name of Company: Al-Yasmine International for Trade & Contracting
Type of Company: S.A.E. ( A closed Corporation )
Capital Issued: L.E ( Only Fifty Million Egyptian Pounds )
Capital Paid-up: L.E. 18000000.00 (Only Eighteen Million Egyptian Pounds )
Date of Incorporation: Early 1987

This Company was incorporated early in 1987 and the Contracting Sector was subsequently established in the middle of 1988. The principal object of the setting up of this Sector has been to make up for the acute shortage of distinguished residential UNITS in the Egyptian Market.

At Al-Yasmine International for Trade and Contracting we take pride in all our projects because “ We Build with Care. “ This simply means ensuring precision in every detail regarding the planning and implementing of all the different stages of the project beginning with the choosing of the land and location to transferring ownership to the client punctually and according to the agreed-upon terms of the contract. A group of highly experienced Engineers supervise all of the Company’s projects, adopting a high level of engineering methods while monitoring the execution of works as well as quality control. Al -Yasmine Int’l for Trade & Contracting Company ( Contracting Division ) was awarded the ISO 9002 on 6/4/1998.

Moreover, the Company relies on specific principles when implementing its various projects. These include :

The drawing up of a future strategy that is precise and accurate.
The use of a scientific approach and accurate planning for each project.
The daily follow-up of work implementaiton using the most up-to-date scientific methods as well as consulting with professionals in engineering and management.
In this context, it should be taken into account that the level of distinguished units as conceived by this Company’s & Management begins with a distinct architectural design and culminates in a state-of-the-art finishing using the best materials.

Similarly, the Company uses modern engineering and computer technologies as well as scientific planning in all its projects. For example, the Company’s Management uses the CAD SYSTEM in creating and reviewing all architectural drawings in addition to 3D- Computer visualization to create the facades and interior decoration of each unit, Finally, the specialized programs of PERT and CPM are also utilized to plan and implement all the different facets of each project, including following up of the implementation itself.

Some Consulting Firms with which the Company is dealing:

Prof. Dr./ Abdel-Mohssen Barada.
Prof. Dr./ Ahmed Abdel-Wareth.
Prof. Dr./ Abdel-Rahman Sadek Bazera.
Prof. Dr./ Architect/ Medhat El-Shazli & Prof. Dr./Ihab El-Shazli.
Arch./ Shehab Mazhar.
Arch./ Mahmoud El-Nagar & Eng./ Ahmed Wassfi Mobasher.
Consultant of Electric Networks & Telecommunications: Eng./ Mahmoud Khalil El-Moshneb.
Construction Consultant : Dr. Eng./ Mostafa El-Kafrawi.
Banks with which the Company is dealing
International Commercial Bank – Giza.
The NILE BANK – Cairo.
MISR EXTERIOR BANK – Mohandesseen – Giza.
ARAB BANK – Mohandesseen – Giza.